How to fit an Aarn Mountain Magic 44 bodypack, part 2

this is the second part of a tutorial beginning here

5. Tighten the belt… in the right order. The Aarn MM belt is unusual, in that it is made of two straps per side. The right way to tighten it, after you have fastened it, is to first grab the two loops that “unite” the upper and lower straps on each side (I do this with two fingers, as shown in the picture). Then, pull in such a way to tighten the two lower straps, until they fit just fine. Leave the rest of the belt as is for now.

6. Let’s now look at the trapezoidal pad that unites the shoulder straps. This comes to the factory in the highest possible position. To be comfortable, it should stay more or less between the upper parts of your shoulder blades, in order to make the straps “wrap” around your shoulders from back to front. If this is not the case, as it happened with my friend, you have to move it down. How? Easy.

7. Lift up the trapezoidal pad to uncover the clip that fixes the shoulder straps to the pack, open it, and extract it from the highest black fabric loop. Then put it one or two loops lower, clip it, and try the pack again. The picture on the right shows how the shoulder straps should go around your shoulders when the pad is at the right height.

8. Now that the pack is held at the right height, finish tightening the belt. Put your hands again, simultaneously, on the two loops that unite the upper and lower strap of the belt on each side, the pull, but this time only the upper straps, as shown in the picture.

The tutorial ends here.

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