Are Aarn bodypacks suitable for female backpackers?

This is a question I’ve been asked enough times, even after posting a female point of view on Aarn bodypacks, to decide it was worth a few pictures.

I asked a female backpacker friend of mine to help me show how to fit an Aarn Mountain Magic 44 bodypack, and when we were done, we took these pictures (the pack is the same, filled in the same way). My friend tells me that she is a 38 D bra size. She has not tried the bodypack in the field yet. For now, she reports that it does feel weird to have part of the pack on the front, but she is also unable to point out any objective problem.

As you can see, of course she has to carry the front pockets farther than I do, but:

  • the bodypack fits without problems
  • it does not obstacle breathing, since it does not presses on her chest, thanks to the adjustable elastic loops that keep the front pockets to the shoulder straps
  • it does not limit in any way her legs movement
  • it limits her view of the terrain in front of her more than a conventional backpack, but not enough to feel, for now at least, as a real problem.

I hope these pictures, together with the other post by a female Aarn bodypack owner, help female backpackers to evaluate these bodypacks and decide if they may help them on the trail. If you have any question, just ask.

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